Special Events

Planning & Logistics

Want to host batting practice at a professional baseball stadium for some of the nation's top bloggers? Or for leaders of the labor movement? Tricom pulled that off twice in two months.

Need music, speeches and video segments for a national awards program? We've done that, too.

Do you have (or want!) a news network broadcasting live from your event? Tricom's pitched it, booked it and produced it.

Our clients have turned to Tricom for everything from scouting sites for small meetings to planning large-scale media events and creating one-of-a-kind experiences to generate buzz.

Tricom handles all the details, or just the ones our clients need to hand off to make sure their events are a success.

Site Advance & Staffing

Whether we are planning the whole event, or just coming in to help with the media in attendance, Tricom's experienced staff help execute events that are attractive to cameras, memorable for attendees and headache-free for our clients. Using a checklist we've developed over the years, Tricom puts clients at ease knowing all the details are being handled by professionals.

Our on-site staff are there to make the events run smoothly. We make sure the media have everything they will need (press kits, wireless Internet, photo ops, sound, etc.), and help navigate the event for the reporters and producers to ensure they get good information, soundbites and images.

We'll deal with event caterers, make sure there are enough chairs, check that all names have been spelled correctly on badges any of the details that need to be assigned to make the day run well. (We've even been known to chase away a stray dog that's shown up before an event at a preschool before it could scare the kids in front of cameras!)

Messaging & Outreach

Tricom approaches client events with a strategic eye: Why is an event needed? What is the goal? Who is the audience? Who is the right messenger?

Once we get these questions answered, we can advise on the theme(s) of the event, where it should be held and who the speaker(s) should be. We then coordinate with graphic designers on the materials and backdrops; work with our writing team on invitations, the website media materials and speeches; help secure speakers and build buzz around the event online, in person and via media attention.

Speech Writing

Tricom's writers work with our clients to develop informative, memorable speeches. Whether it is a keynote, a campaign kickoff, an acceptance speech or a few introductory talking points, we focus on getting the key messages across in the tone and wording that best fits our speakers.

A/V Production

Our in-house video and audio services team produces compelling tools to help our clients tell their stories. The visual images we created working with the Corporation for Pubic Broadcasting (and Elmo and the Sesame Street characters who cheered up children after Hurricane Katrina), our work with the U.S. Oceans Commission on the release of its historic report and our efforts working with the National Science Foundation’s Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching to spotlight the impact that good teachers have on students have had a lasting impact.