Government Affairs

Policy Campaigns

Our clients enjoy the benefit of Tricom’s extensive experience in developing and publicizing public policies. The team includes professionals whose expertise in communications is complemented by their experience running state and federal lobbying offices and serving on the staffs of international unions and the policy teams of presidential candidates.

Tricom’s work conducting public policy campaigns ranges from education reform to development of a clean energy economy, from trade and labor law reform to housing innovations and curable disease initiatives. Our capacity for publicizing issues is matched by a commitment to making their substance marketable.

Policy analysis

Tricom brings a unique communications perspective to policy analysis. The complex work of our clients, such as the Economic Policy Institute, Demos and the American Institutes for Research, is distilled for public consumption without sacrificing its depth. The newsworthiness of these analyses often is amplified through strategic planning before the research is initiated by maximizing its value to state and local media markets. The result is optimum impact on public understanding without sacrificing substance.

Outreach to elected leaders

Tricom’s capacity for ensuring our clients’ messages reach elected leaders is enhanced by our staff’s extensive experience as consultants and operatives in local, state and federal election campaigns.

We target our outreach for elevated public awareness among the constituencies of elected leaders, and plan events for maximum impact within the jurisdictions of officeholders and their staffs. These efforts are complemented through development of legislative floor speeches for elected leaders who advocate the causes and issues being advanced by our members.

Coalition building

Tricom’s strategic approach to developing nationwide media coverage through state and local market outreach proves especially valuable for building coalitions necessary to the success of our clients.

For instance, promotion of events sponsored by the Blue Green and Apollo Alliances has proved valuable in helping build the burgeoning movement for a clean energy economy that produces good-paying domestic jobs. Likewise our work in mounting town hall meetings for the Alliance for American Manufacturing has advanced AAM's efforts to build a coalition for trade reform and the revitalization of domestic manufacturing. Similar methods proved successful in advancing the Economic Policy Institute's agenda for shared prosperity during the depths of the nation’s economic crisis.

Issues management

Tricom views strategic communications planning as the key to successful issues management. We encourage our clients to engage us in the earliest stages of their planning to ensure their strategies have communication rollouts that create growing public awareness and understanding of the issues being advocated.

Our experience working with clients whose work is complex has enhanced our understanding of how to clarify issues without rendering them simplistic. Equally important, we advocate for clients whose causes we strongly support, adding earnest convictions to the extensive expertise borne of experience.