8th Graders in Most U.S. States Performing Better in Math and Science than Students in Most Foreign Countries

Students in most U.S. states are performing as well as or better than most
students in  foreign countries in math and science, but the highest achieving states are still
significantly below the highest achieving countries, according to a new study by the American
Institutes for Research (AIR). 


Most Teachers “Highly Qualified” under NCLB Standards

Most teachers are “highly qualified” as judged by the standards of the No Child Left Behind Act, but many low income and minority students experience inequities when it comes to the qualifications of the teachers in their classrooms, according to a new U.S. Department of Education report written by experts with the American Institutes for Research (AIR).


Five-Year Study of Proposition 227 Finds No Conclusive Evidence

There is no conclusive evidence that one instructional model for educating English learners, such as full English immersion or a bilingual approach, is more effective for California’s English learners than another, according to a five-year study of Proposition 227.


Social Policies that Work (or Don’t Work)

Did the addition of 100,000 police officers cut crime in the 1990s?  Do tutoring, parental involvement and behavior management programs work?  Can scientific evidence influence emotion-laden criminal sentencing policies?


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