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Students engineer solutions with creativity - Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

They came with creativity, a few hand tools, and little time to solve problems normally addressed by engineers. Altogether, about 90 high school students from Wisconsin, Illinois and North Dakota participated in a Construction Challenge on Saturday, sponsored by the Association of Equipment Manufacturers and held at the Milwaukee School of Engineering.


School Reform or Permanent Underclass? - The Huffington Post

The recent spate of resignations by heads of school districts in Chicago, Washington and New York City who advocate the so-called business model of school reform has predictably been followed by new appointees as ill-prepared for the challenge of improving student performance as their predecessors.


A lost job costs taxpayers $25,000 - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Tom Croft, executive director of the Steel Valley Authority, says state funding to help save jobs is $750 per job saved. But he estimates a jobless person costs taxpayers $25,000 in employment taxes, lost taxes and other costs.


States Set Widely Varying 'Proficiency' Bars - Education Week

Report by the Washington-based research group makes a case for states, as they collaborate on common standards, to use national and international benchmarking to make cutoff scores more demanding and improve the descriptions of what it means for students to be proficient in reading and mathematics at each grade level.


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