Emergency Responders Radios Failed

New information has come out condemning the radios used by emergency responders at the Navy Yard Shooting on Monday, September 16. Below are news reports of the story.

Politico reports, "First responders from the Navy’s own fire and police departments had such trouble communicating with their radios during the deadly shooting chaos Monday at the Washington Navy Yard that they had to resort to personal cell phones and runners, according to sources who were on the scene." Read the full story here.

The Hill reports, "Radios for federal firefighters and police officers failed during Monday’s mass shooting at Washington’s Navy Yard, according to union representatives for first responders." Read the full story here.

USA Today reports, "'They were there almost instantly after the call was put out.' And almost just as fast, [Gregory Russell, president of the International Association of Fire Fighters Local 121] says, troubles in communications between Navy fire fighters began." Read the full story here

The Washington Post reports, "Union leaders said the responders were unable to talk to their counterparts from the District, and could not get signals from inside Building 197 where a lone gunman fatally shot 12 people before he was killed by police." Read the rest here.

The Atlantic Wire reports, "Federal firefighters and Navy police officers say they were given radios that initially worked properly, but as they went deeper into the building in pursuit of the gunman, they could no longer communicate with each other or to anyone outside the building." Read the full story here.

The Federal Times says, "The union representing firefighters who responded to the Navy Yard shooting Sept. 16 is calling for the resignation of anyone responsible at Naval District Washington for what he calls a 'dysfunctional radio system.'" Read the full story here.

WUSA, the Washington, D.C., CBS affiliate, reports, "The union chief representing the U.S. Naval District of Washington Fire and EMS department says, 'First responders were crippled in their ability to communicate.'" Watch the full report here, or read the transcript here

WTOP radio reports, "Some fire fighters say there was a critical communication problem...the digital radios they used to communicate with each other didn't work, and it's not the first time." Listen to the full report here.

WTOP2 radio reports, "Unions representing the first responders to the Navy Yard shooting say they were hampered by failures of their radios." Listen to the full report here.

WZZM, an ABC affiliate in Grand Rapids, Mich., reports, "The U.S. Naval District of Washington Fire and EMS Department reports that their emergency radios failed them during the Navy Yard shooting incident." Read the report and watch the video here

WYKC, an NCB affiliate in Cleveland, Oh., reports," [Russell] says the radios provided to [the first responders] by the Navy failed." Watch the full video here. 

Firehouse.com reports, "'I would say there is a great likelihood that more lives could have been saved,' the head of the federal fire fighters' union said." Read the full report here.