Use Infographics to Give Your Message Reach

Tricom‘s goal is to get messages in front of the right audiences in the best ways. We recognize the impact of shareable, bite-sized messages and seek to harness the power of image sharing.

We worked with our friends at Winking Fish to develop a series of public safety infographics for the International Association of Fire Fighters to share with their followers. 

Sending a message visually is quickly becoming the number one way Internet users share information. In October 2013, the Pew Internet and American Life Project reported that 47 percent of Internet users share content found online, and that number is growing. 

Mashable reports that Facebook users share 4.15 billion content items per day – including comments, videos, photos and status updates. 

One popular graphic we helped develop showcased Halloween safety tips. Coupled with a more in-depth press release personalized for each IAFF local, the Halloween graphic was shared more than 600 times over a number of different Facebook pages. The graphic reached 21,000 viewers from the IAFF’s post alone, and reached thousands more through the hundreds of shares from followers. 

In addition to social media shares, the graphic and accompanying press release were published on a dozen news websites, shared through the news outlets’ social media channels and published on IAFF locals’ websites.

Image sharing gives users a way to participate in promoting content featured online and serves as a low-cost, high-impact way to share messages quickly.