NeighborWorks® America – Media Relations and Brand Awareness Initiative

Tricom’s work with NeighborWorks® America and its national network of more than 230 community-based organizations helped NeighborWorks become one of the first organizations to put a face on the issue of foreclosure.

Since 2005, we have supported the network in shaping the influx of news around the housing crisis by telling compelling stories of homeowners faced with today’s challenges and the nonprofits offering solutions to help. Our work has helped raise awareness of the need for affordable housing and foreclosure prevention – all the way to the White House.

As part of the team that launched NeighborWorks’ first media relations campaign, our challenge was to ensure national recognition through the work of local community development organizations, each with its own distinctive brand, focus and capacity. We worked with network members to develop a media strategy that fit their individual needs, while successfully promoting NeighborWorks' messaging.

We positioned hundreds of NeighborWorks organizations as the go-to source on foreclosure prevention and community revitalization in their communities. Through initiatives such as National NeighborWorks Week, we created visibility for the national brand through the work of these organizations and its importance in creating healthy and sustainable neighborhoods.

Today NeighborWorks organizations are widely recognized in the media as experts on affordable housing and foreclosure prevention. Our success with launching and maintaining this program has strengthened NeighborWorks’ brand both nationally and at the grassroots level while equipping local agencies with the tools they need to carry out successful, in-house media relations.

Over the years we have crafted media messages, trained spokespersons, drafted and placed opinion pieces, booked editorial board meetings, produced media kits and media releases, coordinated event launches, placed PSAs, launched the first foreclosure prevention hot line, and worked with city, state and federal government agencies to propel housing partnerships and publicize the solutions that NeighborWorks organizations are creating to ease housing woes across the country.

Tricom’s work to open doors for these organizations has forged ongoing relationships and thousands of media opportunities with key housing, banking, finance and community reporters in markets around the county, leading trades and national publications.