Tricom Helps Build Reputations

Tricom was charged with helping to build the reputation of the cable industry’s education foundation, Cablein the Classroom (CIC), as a leader in education initiatives and as a resource on education technology research. As an embedded CIC partner, nearly all of Tricom’s staff worked with the client to ensure every CIC activity was part of the finely honed communications strategy.

In 2005, Tricom helped CIC create a new awards program, Cable’s Leaders in Learning Awards, to honor individuals who have demonstrated remarkable creativity and results in educating children. Tricom worked with CIC from conception through creating awards and judging criteria, to recruiting applicants, notifying elected officials about their constituents’ success and designing and executing the media strategy for finalists and winners. The awards ceremony is a high-profile, highly produced occasion in Washington, D.C., attended by policy and education leaders, cable industry executives and congressional representatives. For the event, Tricom wrote the program copy, conducted podcast interviews and coordinated professional photography. Tricom also created print and Web advertisements aimed at encouraging individuals to nominate teachers, elected officials, business leaders or community members for the award.

Tricom worked with CIC to create a series of high-level lunchtime conversations hosted by the group, which helped establish the foundation as a sophisticated convener of important discussions surrounding the most pressing education issues. To further promote CIC’s image as a respected player in this new tier of the education community, Tricom drafted a number of advertorials on behalf of CIC’s executive director that ran in Education Week, highlighting CIC initiatives and CIC’s role in the community.

Tricom attended national conventions – like the National Educational Computing Conference (NECC, now the ISTE Conference) and The Cable Show – as a CIC representative working with on-site media attending the conferences, taking photos and interviewing attendees for podcasts. Tricom also produced and promoted the Kids.Cable.Learning podcast series.

Tricom shot and edited footage for a video news release (VNR) for Cable in the Classroom that included an edited package for CIC’s Shakespeare: Subject to Change, an interactive, Web-based learning tool including images of children in classrooms using the tool and sound bites from CIC spokespeople.

For another Web-based learning tool, eLECTIONS: Your Adventure in Politics, Tricom implemented a mainstream and viral media campaign to reach political and education audiences. The 3-D, high-speed broadband adventure uses interactive tools allowing kids and adults to experience a self-directed run for the U.S. presidency. The game is designed to educate people about the political process and the power of one vote. Tricom gained coverage for the game in The Washington Post, The Washington Times, education trade publications (like eSchool News), education-related blogs (like Moving at the Speed of Creativity) and