Tricom Recaps Major Education Stories for AFSA Newsletter

Over the past four years, Tricom has created and published 13 volumes of the American Federation of School Administrators’ (AFSA) newsletter, The Leader, which incorporates the latest academic news from each season.

From start to finish, Tricom creates and edits all of The Leader’s content, alongside AFSA president, Diann Woodard.

With AFSA’s popularity on the rise, Tricom helps the union keep all 20,000 members up to date on the critical happenings in American schools. In addition to being automatically sent to every AFSA member, The Leader is also published on AFSA’s website, giving both the newsletter and the organization more positive exposure.

Every quarter, we spend countless hours recalling key academic issues of that time, such as the current education reform, which has been a vital addition to most volumes of The Leader.

Featured stories in The Leader discuss major, cutting-edge topics affecting U.S. schools today, which have ranged from school rehabilitation post Hurricane Katrina to standing up against gun violence after the tragic Sandy Hook shooting.

Here are a few more impressive topics covered in volumes of The Leader:

“Five High School Students Win AFSA National Scholarships” (Summer 2011) exhibited AFSA consideration for students and their future success by providing substantial scholarships.
“Making Progress: The Oakland Bullying Prevention Initiative” discussed and displayed the positive effects of the AFSA endorsed BULLY project.
“The Sacred Trust of Serving Homeless Students” (Spring 2014) documented the genuine concern the organization has for helping inopportune students receive quality education.

With The Leader, Tricom continues to represent the organization passionately and effectively, while seeking out AFSA’s mission of educational equality.