Here at Tricom, we write every minute of every day. We’re constantly creating more content for blogs, social media accounts and other projects. According to, though, 65% of people are visual learners, which means they learn through visual content like graphics, images, videos or audio.

Videos have long established themselves as powerful visual tools. They combine the emotive strength of photos with the power of the narrative to inspire, influence or motivate the viewer.

The video below was produced by GetUp! Action for Australia, an independent movement to build a progressive Australia and bring participation back into our democracy. They advocate for social justice, economic fairness and environmental sustainability. The video specifically promote gay rights and the message that “love is love.”

PR agencies can create their own videos that advocate for their clients and their clients’ issues, or they can promote videos that have already been produced. If your client is a union, you could create an information video describing the importance of unions and the impact they have had on the political landscape. If your client is an environmental protection agency, you could create a video that demonstrates the changes they have made in the local or national community to preserve or improve the environment.

Video content has a huge potential to influence viewers’ values, beliefs and behaviors – which is the ultimate goal of public relations.

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