Public Relations professionals commonly use case studies to display business success and serve as a representation of what the PR professional can do for a prospective client.

A PR case study should describe a challenge or crisis that was identified and the organization’s action plan used to solve the problem.  Most importantly, the case study should present measurable results and the overall positive outcome of the strategic communication plan.

Properly written case studies can set your organization apart from competition, and give potential clients a reason to choose you as their representative.

When writing a case study, remember that the case study attests to all you’ve done for a particular client. Be honest and consistent. Make sure to talk about outcomes and results because future clients may ask. Include photos when appropriate, and be sure to use refreshing language to keep the reader interested in the results.

Within the case study, provide measurable data in support of your success. Was exposure increased- If so, how much? Did the organization win any type of award for their product/service? What benefit did the organization reap because of your PR practices? These are the questions to be answered in an effective case study.

Here are some of Tricom’s case studies:

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