Research shows that hiring managers spend 30 seconds or less scanning an applicant’s resume, either checking it off or moving on to the next one. What does this mean for an aspiring PR professional? A killer resume will get you one step closer to landing your dream job.

Be bold

If an employer only spends half a minute skimming through resumes, something has to stand out to separate yours from the stack. Public Relations is not a predictable career field. So, why make your resume predictable? Be creative and let your personality show. But don’t get too carried away – you’re applying for a profession, not the circus.

Tailor it

Most hiring managers put a lot of thought and time into their job descriptions/postings. Use them to tailor your resume for that specific application. Find key words in the job posting that specify what the hiring manager is looking for, and use that same language in your resume. Think of it like a gift registry – as the gift buyer, I know that the receiver is going to be happy because he or she picked it out. Your resume is your chance to show the prospective employer that you are exactly what he or she picked out.

Specifics, not skills

PR employers want to know how you can benefit their organization, not what you did at your last job. When listing your skill set and previous experience, explain how everything you’ve learned makes you the right candidate for this job. You managed social media accounts? Great, so did the other 20 applicants. Sell YOUR specific learning experience and what you can bring to the table from managing those accounts.

Ready, set, apply!
















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