Creativity is the key to success in public relations. Innovative events can better influence public opinion and raise awareness for the client. One effective and creative tactic is the flash mob. In flash mobs, a group of people suddenly assembles in a large public place to perform an act. As part of a PR campaign, professionals manage at least one part of the event - from creation to scheduling to production to promotion - if not all of it.

Dance flash mobs are the most common type of flash mob, as they often create the biggest buzz. My personal favorite is T-Mobile’s Liverpool flash mob. In 2009, T-Mobile organized hundreds of dancers to promote its brand name and “Life’s For Sharing” campaign. Videos of the event went viral, and the event was so successful that the company held at least three more.

Hosting a flash mob is a great public relations strategy for store openings, new product releases, raising brand awareness, creating buzz around social issues and other events in which the client needs a lot of coverage quickly. For steps on how to start organize a flash mob, check out these tips.

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