It is no secret that technology has revolutionized the way that we do things. In the public relations industry, innovation has made our jobs both much easier and much more difficult. Here are some pros and cons of working in the digital age:

Pro: With just a few mouse clicks, we can send thousands of press releases via email to journalists. It is also easier to manage media lists and track publicity.

Con: Some journalists have changed their email settings so that certain press releases are automatically targeted as spam.

Pro: Social media has enabled us to reach new audiences. Social media also makes the targeting experience much more personal and interactive.

Con: Not only is it time consuming to stay up-to-date on clients’ current social media sites, new ones keep emerging. Google+, Twitter, Vine, Pinterest, Facebook – the list goes on!

Pro: Using multimedia has made it easier to create humanizing campaigns.

Con: There are privacy and copyright concerns involved in the creation and distribution of multimedia.

Pro: We can send and receive information in real-time. It is easier to detect emerging issues and trends. We can also easily access an archive of information.

Con: Information sabotage can happen.

Pro: It is usually easy to learn how to use the next big thing.

Con: There is always a next big thing.

Regardless of how we feel about technology, it is undeniable that digital integration is the future of public relations.

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