Hosting events is a great way to expose a company to their donors and customers. It gives a company the opportunity to showcase its mission while networking with its audience in a fun way!

Just be sure not to make any of these mistakes! 

  1. Scheduling events close together. You need to give yourself and your audience enough time between events.
  2. Being cheap. Your guests spent time and money to be there, so show them a great time with party favors and other amenities at limited additional cost!
  3. Breaking promises. Make sure you deliver your guests what you marketed to them.
  4. Being unorganized. Organization is key!
  5. Picking the wrong location. Pick the location that best suits the type and theme of event. Location, location, location.
  6. Failing to meet objectives. It is not just a party, use it to benefit your company.
  7. Not spending enough time marketing. Start marketing 90 days prior to the event.
  8. Not being prepared for the worse. Murphy’s Law “What can go wrong, will go wrong” is a good motto to follow. Have an emergency toolkit and plan.
  9. Not knowing who your audience is. Different audiences enjoy different events and should be marketed differently.
  10. Losing control. Be aware of capacity, traffic flow, and safety hazard.

Avoiding these ten mistakes sets you and your event on the path to success.

Happy planning!

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