With technology and the Internet at the forefront of today’s world, an online persona can make or break you. We all know how important it is to keep a tidy social media account, but what about the account that represents more than you? The stakes grow higher. As a PR professional, every social media account that you manage is a representation of that client. An entire reputation can be ruined at the fault of a misguided post.

Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts, to help you and your clients stand clear of a social media meltdown:

Do: Research the client

It is critical that you know WHO you are managing, when it comes to a social media account. Find out everything you can about the organization, to ensure that your posts match their ideals and follow their guidelines. 

Don’t: Post your own opinions

Managing a social media account can be tricky, especially if you and your client don’t see eye to eye on certain topics. Be sure that whatever you post on their site represents the stance and voice of that client.

Do: Be creative

Creativity is essential in social media; the more interesting your post is, the more people you will reach. Use every innovative idea you have, but always check with a supervisor when thinking outside the box!

Don’t: Post too quickly

Social media accounts reach thousands of users daily, at the click of a button. Make sure you take time to THINK before you POST. If your gut feeling questions what you just typed, it’s probably not appropriate for the site.

Do: Utilize feedback

There are plenty of ways for social media accounts to receive feedback; pay attention to them! Re-tweets, for example, most likely mean your followers enjoyed your post and find it fitting. Use that re-tweet as a model for the future.

Don’t: Use every site

Social media management can be overwhelming, if you try to join every site out there. Find the ones that fit your client and stick to them.

Always remember, what you post online is public forever. Now, get going!

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