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The DC Experience

Imagine walking past the White House everyday on your way home from work? I can!

The Washington Center provided me the opportunity to intern this semester in downtown D.C. for my final semester. Not only did I complete my last 15 credits, I also gained valuable work experience, explored the city, took classes and engaged in professional development.

I remember that I was concerned about coming down here and living in an unfamiliar city, but it was an opportunity that I am glad that I took advantage of.

Through scholarships and state funding, my home institution made it possible for me and three other BSU students to participate in The Washington Center.

I would highly recommend this program to anyone who may be hesitant to apply for the upcoming semester. It was either study abroad or in another U.S. city. How often will I get the chance to live and work in the most powerful city in the world?

The semester went by so quickly. It seems like yesterday that I moved into my apartment. As I graduate this month, I have been looking for the chance to stay a little bit longer.

If not, I am still looking forward to heading back to Boston for the holiday season.

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