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Benefits of Pandora Radio

I remember growing up listening to music with a CD player and boombox. I believe that the last CD purchase that I made was Now That’s What I Call Music! 7 (2001). Two years earlier, we were introduced to Napster, the first online music service on which we could purchase and listen to unlimited music files.

Albums are still popular today, but are sold primarily in a digital form through Apple Music. There are fewer computers which have the CD player, encouraging people to purchase and listen electronically. Artists such as Adele and Taylor Swift are making record-breaking music history on these newer platforms.

Not only does Apple offer unlimited music, Pandora Radio is a free music streaming service that plays music that you want to hear. The account user can search specific genres or artists, and create radio stations that will play similar music with limited commercial breaks.

The advertisements consist of outside services and products that are relatively close to your location.

Whenever I need to be productive, I can usually be found with my ear buds. Throughout my collegiate career, Pandora has been part of many library study sessions.

I can choose to listen or skip any song. While it could be a huge distraction, I feel that Pandora Radio has allowed me to decompress and redirect my attention on whatever I need to complete. It allows me to become so engrossed and productive that I will forget what I was listening to.

Of course, I do not start listening to Christmas music until December 1st!

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