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Running for Life

I’ve been running for the purpose of exercise and recreational enjoyment since I was fourteen years old. Running has been the only sport that I ever excelled in. I was introduced to running at a young age, sitting on the side lines at Boston Marathon.

Running is the forward motion at a much faster pace than walking. It can refer to a variety of speeds, ranging from jogging to sprinting.

I began playing soccer and eventually quit once I entered middle school. I wanted to find something to be excited about and enjoy participating on my own. Running is the recreational activity that both my parents engage in on a daily basis.

I joined the cross country team my freshmen year of high school and spent the next four years on the varsity squad. I realized that I had a natural ability for the sport and worked hard to maintain my position on the team.

Many people use running for weight loss and other exercise benefits. Running is lifetime activity that can be done at any age, either alone or with other people. Every time I go out running, I continue to focus on improving my posture and running technique.

More than anything, I have always enjoyed running outdoors. I would rather inhale fresh air than the sweaty stranger on the adjacent treadmill.

Running helped me develop healthy habits, get involved with the community, stay out of trouble and focus on my schoolwork. It has been my greatest stress-reliever, allowing me to understand my capabilities and limitations.

The balance between work and play can be difficult to achieve, but it is all part of the learning experience. Running has certainly changed my life and has shaped the person I am today. It has taught me simple life lessons, including commitment and success.

One step forward can positively impact tomorrow’s journey.

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