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Democratic Debate: So What’s Next?

The 2016 presidential candidates participated in the first Democratic debate on October 13 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The debate was moderated by Anderson Cooper of CNN.

The Democrat presidential candidates debated for nearly two hours Tuesday evening.

The Washington Post reported that the debate “included discussions about climate change and renewable energy, college affordability, prescription drugs, terrorism and civil liberties, and the most serious threats to U.S. security in a world awash in conflicts.”

A total of 15.3 million viewers tuned in to CNN for the Tuesday evening debate. The debate set a ratings record for the Democratic Party, but does not compare to the two previous Republican events.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were the two candidates who dominated the debate, but Clinton proved herself to be a qualified Democratic candidate for the presidential race. “At the center of my campaign is how we’re going to raise wages. Yes, of course, raise the minimum wage, but we have to do so much more, including finding ways so that companies share profits with the workers who helped to make them,” Clinton said.

Her responses reflected the main themes of the presidential campaign.

CNN reported that Clinton’s previous experience allowed Clinton to “connect her knowledge of policy with a vision for her presidency, using personal stories to make the connection to voters.”

Tuesday evening was the first of six scheduled debates. For those who missed out, the next Democratic debate will held November 14 in Iowa.

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