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Is Greek Life making process?

Alpha Sigma Alpha at Murray State University in Kentucky broke down the stereotype of exclusiveness, as it recently welcomed Alexis Cain, the first ever student with Down syndrome to join a sorority at the university.

Cain said, “I just thought, wow, wouldn’t it be nice to be in a sorority?”

Her dream became reality through participation in College to Career Experience, a program which helps students a get a college education without a regular high school diploma. Alexis’s life-changing experience reminds us that people “with intellectual disabilities aren’t so different from ‘normal people.’”

There are over 800 campuses in the United States that have students participating in Greek Life and many are greatly involved within their communities. The experience varies among campuses, but the societal assumption is largely due to negative media exposure.

Why would you pay for friends? Do you all party together every week? I bet you all look alike and do everything together? You must be very exclusive.

Participating with sorority life at school, it saddens me that people make such judgments about my association rather than learning about the experience. Being Greek is committing to academic success, being involved with community service supporting major philanthropic organizations. Greek Life communities participate in the recruitment process for new members to join every semester, emphasizing a lifetime membership with the organization. For every poor media assumption of hazing, underage drinking and academic underachievement, there was one act of kindness and progressive behavior to change perceptions of our Greek Life.

Knowing her daughter was different, Camme Cain was concerned about the sorority recruitment process but entirely supportive of the decision.

“It’s something you wish that every student with a disability of handicap could experience,” Camme said.

As a fellow Greek, I have seen how Alexis’s story is an example of how the recruitment process can assist collegiate women in welcoming home new sisters ever year. The acceptance of differences deepens the commitment and connection to the organization, which broadens the media perspective of Greek Life. Membership is for a lifetime; a way of Alexis’s dreams come true.

Snaps to the Alexis Cain and Alpha Sigma Alpha at Murray State University!

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