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Girl Receives Adult Lung After Suing Federal Government

A 10-year old Philadelphia girl suffering from cystic fibrosis was in dire need of a lung transplant.

After a long and tedious fight, Sarah Murnaghan’s parents were able to secure her a fighting chance to live by filing a law suit against the federal government in order to have her placed on the adult list.

“The move came days after a federal judge ordered Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to direct OPTN to place Sarah in line on the adult list, while at the same time maintaining her priority on a pediatric list for children younger than 12,” reports NBC.

It is clear that the Under 12 Rule has flaws that need to be identified and rectified.

“The Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network voted to keep the so-called Under 12 Rule, but it created a mechanism that would allow doctors to request exceptions for their pediatric patients. A national lung review board would then approve these children for transplant consideration as adults cases by cases,” reports ABC.

Another boy from the same hospital as Sarah has already been set to have his case reviewed.

Sarah’s situation is only a small piece of the puzzle at large. The main issue here is that the supply of organs for donation is limited and cannot keep up with the demand. It is important for OPTN to keep their policies updated, but it is even more important for lawmakers to find new ways to promote organ donation and increase the supply.



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