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High-Speed Rail to Rally U.S Economy

Cheap labor in other countries around the world has negatively impacted the U.S economy and its manufacturing industries.  In some countries, the cost of labor is very cheap, which lowers the cost of manufacturing goods.  As a result of these lower costs of production, millions of manufacturing jobs have been driven out of the U.S. to nations overseas such as Bangladesh and Singapore.

There are sectors of American life that need investment and improvement.  Investing in projects like a high-speed rail system could create more jobs in manufacturing, strengthening the economy overall.  A recent article from the Washington Post claims basic sectors of the American economy, such as infrastructure and transportation, need improving.

High-speed rail construction would improve America in three basic ways.   Initially, high-speed rail would decrease the amount of time that it takes to travel between major cities. The Amtrak trains we use in America reach 150 mph, while those used in Spain, for example, reach 193 mph. Amtrak and Renfe (rail provider in Spain) both provide the maximum speeds of their trains on their respective websites.

High-speed rail construction would create many jobs.  Constructing a new transit line and manufacturing the parts for the new trains would create job growth.

There are environmental benefits to using trains rather than flying.  The carbon emission rates are much lower if a person travels by train instead of a plane.  Assuming high-speed rail became a cultural way of life in America, it would help cut down the U.S carbon emission costs dramatically over the next few years.  High-speed rail isn’t just an investment in infrastructure or transportation. It’s an investment in America.

Looking for more information. Check out this article and learn more about the environmental benefits of using a train rather than a plane.

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