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Preschool Saves Our Kids

During his State of the Union address in February, President Obama stated that he wants to see universal preschool become a reality. But how important is preschool?

According to preschool effect studies, the Abecedarian and Perry Projects, preschool is very important.

In Chapel Hill, NC, the Abecedarian Project found that students who went to preschool are more likely to have a job, complete a four-year college and have higher IQs than their peers who did not go to preschool. The study also found that the kids who attended preschool were less likely to have their first child as teenagers and use public assistance.

These aren’t the only notable statistics; the Perry Preschool Project in Ypsilanti, MI, conducted a similar study and found similar results. The Perry kids improved in ways not found in the Abecedarian Project: by age 27, girls who attended preschool were 50 percent more likely to have a savings account and 20 percent more likely to own a car. The Perry study also found that students who attended preschool were only half as likely to get arrested.

The researchers discovered that preschool helped kids develop soft skills. These are skills such as impulse control and concentration and build a foundation for learning as kids grow older.

As demonstrated by the Abecedarian and Perry Projects, preschool is vital for preparing our nation’s children for life-long learning and employment. Now, more than ever, all children should have access to quality, affordable preschool.

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