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Impact of Daylight Savings

Who doesn’t enjoy an extra hour of sleep?

It’s that time of year again! As Halloween weekend ended, every clock was pushed back an hour on Sunday morning. Everyone experienced an extra hour of sleep as Daylight Savings ended at 2 a.m.

People start to reach for heavier coats and socks as the days become colder and shorter. Unfortunately, it is the semi-annual reminder that another dreadful winter is coming.

No one enjoys waking up every morning before the sun, so why does this exist?

Daylight Savings began in the United States in 1966. It was established to give farmers more daylight to grow more crops, and to conserve energy. The only states not participating in Daylight Savings are Arizona and Hawaii.

Today, there is discussion on whether or not the United States should abandon Daylight Savings entirely.

Not only do people take advantage of extra sleep, Daylight Savings can be used to rejuvenate our lives in other ways. A Sunday afternoon well-spent consists of small household tasks prepping for winter, including cleaning the filters, pantries and restocking emergency supplies.

The time may fall back, but our lives continue to move forward. As the days are getting darker and colder, people are not entirely miserable with Daylight Savings. The cold season represents bright lights, warm food and family home for the holidays.

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