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Another Semester Done

Tis’ the season for late night study sessions and procrastination! While we all look forward to the holiday season, students still need to get through the dreadful experience of finals week.

Finals week - the last days of the semester - involves pulling all-nighters and drinking too much caffeine, because there is not enough time during the day to finish everything.

Library hours are extended and all co-curricular activities have ended about a week earlier. The campus is often quieter than usual because everyone is either studying or catching up on their sleep. Reading day occurs between the last day of classes and the first day of finals.

Finals week consists of exams, papers and group presentation. As a Communications major, there are more long-term assignments due than actually having to sit down for an exam.

I would usually be done for the semester on the first day of finals, because I had papers and group presentation due before classes ended.

No matter what you have left to complete, take a deep breath and grab another coffee. Think positively and study smart! Good luck on finals this semester!!

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