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Pinterest: the Exchange of Ideas

While social media can be used to inform and connect with large audiences, it can also be a way to procrastinate and consume valuable time.

People will scroll through their newsfeeds whenever they get the chance, either to pass time or stay connected with friends and family.

Within the past five years, Pinterest has become the relatively new social media platform in which people can share visual ideas for projects and interests. It is another way to share DIY ideas with others who have similar hobbies and interests. You can look for ideas relating to anything, from food to clothing and home decoration.

Like every social website, Pinterest requires all users to create a free account to “pin” anything to their boards and follow other Facebook friends.

I recently started using Pinterest and already have over 500 “pins” in eleven boards. I knew that people had used Pinterest previously and found it to be the reason for their procrastination. While I could have been reading a new book, I swiped through petite clothing options, holiday recipe ideas and future apartment decor instead.

If you go to any website, there is a small Pinterest icon to share the article, image or video on Pinterest. It is the visual exchange of ideas that can be customized to the individual’s own interests. It does not hurt to plan ahead and have ideas for future endeavors.

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