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Halloween: To be anything but yourself

“What are you going to be this year?”

This question is frequently asked throughout October. As the leaves fall and temperatures slowly decrease, this month is filled with excitement and preparation for the season’s event; Halloween.

I remember growing up and dreading the question. I enjoy everything else about the fall season, expect Halloween.

Many people consider Halloween as their favorite holiday. It is known as the only time children and adults alike wear costumes and devour too many sweets. People can dress and act differently from their everyday selves, spending the entire month planning their costumes.

It is the only time that judgment cannot be made regarding appearance.

The holiday is observed in several countries on October 31st. While Americans are bobbing for apples and carving pumpkins, there are countries still observing its original roots dedicated to celebrating the dead.

Halloween today is associated with costumes, scary movies, trick-or-treating, pumpkins and candy. Homes are decorated with fake spider webs and grave stones to replicate a haunted house.

Shopping malls create temporary space for Halloween costume stores in October. People either buy their costume or make it themselves. Candy is basically sold out during the month, although the day after, there is enough candy left to sell half price!

While others enjoy the fright and fear of Halloween, I prefer the smells and tastes of Thanksgiving over candy and costumes.

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