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Burger King Pays for Wedding

Joel Burger and Ashley King have been known as the Burger-King couple since they were in fifth grade in Illinois. As a pun, the couple announced their engagement this year in a photo next to the local Burger King fast food chain.

A reporter from the State Journal-Register in Springfield interviewed the couple and wrote an article on the hilarious coincidence of their last names. Burger King saw the story and sent out tweets trying to locate the couple.

When the couple was located, the company reached out to the couple and offered to have Burger King pay for their entire wedding and gifts for the wedding. The wedding will take place on July 17th.

"We are very appreciative of Burger King and can't thank them enough for their generosity!" said King.

Burger King said it felt compelled to celebrate this “meant-to-be” wedding. It hopes the couple names their first child “chicken fry.” It’ll be “a whopper of an event.”

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