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Good Day, Badgers!

A report from Wisconsin from one our own, Bob Muehlenkamp...

Another day here in Madison.  I slept in the Capitol last night, my seniority roughly equaling the combined years of the other thousand occupiers.

I attended the Madison CLC meeting last night, where they unanimously passed a resolution calling on every union in the state to begin discussing a general strike.  When the Teaching Assistants' Association (TAA) delegate stood up to speak, they gave him a standing ovation.

I spoke on a radio talk show yesterday with David Newby and have been asked by listeners to call into their shows and town hall meeting.  We were joined by a Madison teacher, Anita Simansky, who read the following letter she received from the parent of one of her students:

“I have been a parent of at least one MMSD student continuously since September of 1985.  My youngest son will graduate in June.  While I have always had great respect for our teachers, I have NEVER been prouder of them then I have been this past week.  They are risking much to defend their access to collective bargaining in the face of outrageous behavior on the part of our governor.  This is a fabulous opportunity for my son Adrian to learn what it means to act with integrity, to be a responsible worker and citizen.  And thank YOU for your patience and forbearance in this difficult situation.  We all need to keep our wits about us, and remember that we are neighbors and friends.”

More rallies, rumors, and resistance today.

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