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America Runs on Corn


Corn is adored by people of

all ages. You can find corn at summer barbeques or cornbread next to bowls of chili in

the cold winter months.

If you look in the ingredient list of most foods and drinks, I am sure you will see corn syrup.

Movie theaters have lines that go miles long with hungry people waiting for movie theater

popcorn. Not only is movie theater popcorn delicious, it is more expensive per ounce than fillet

mignon and lobster.

The next time you get sick and your doctor gives you penicillin, you can thank

corn. When separating corn, corn steep liquor contains acids, yeast, gluten, and plenty

of nitrogen, and is partially fermented by the time it leaves the mill. For years it was

discarded until a scientist discovered it is the perfect solution to grow penicillin.

Corn is also used to make ethanol, which is used in gasoline. So, the next time you

drive to the store to grab a can of corn, you can thank corn. Corn is considered a

renewable resource and the use of biofuels, in place of fossil fuels, is becoming widely

popular. Ethanol is made from fermented alcohol, which brings me to the use of corn to

make liquor.

Whiskey, moonshine, and bourbon can all be made from corn.

The use of corn in face washes and other body products is also becoming more

popular. There are certain products that some swear by to clear up blemished skin.

The magic of corn is vast. Without corn mazes, people would never get lost in

pumpkin patches, people would still be dying from infections, and no one would be able

to have a bourbon in Kentucky. And wouldn’t Taco Tuesday be rather dull without corn tortillas?

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