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Fast Track to Destroying Labor

On April 18, 2015, people around the world are uniting for a Global Day of Action to stop the Trans-Pacific Trade Pact (TPP) and Fast Track. TPP is a trade agreement between the U.S. and 11 other countries along the Pacific Rim. “Fast Track” is a Congressional voting rule that ensures trade agreements are approved without debate or amendments. Here are the reasons TPP and Fast Track are bad deals:

American workers will lose their jobs. The North American Trade Agreement (NAFTA) cost American 682,900 jobs. In the first year of the U.S.-Korea trade agreement, we lost another 40,000 jobs. It’s clear that bad trade agreements cost hard-working American men and women their jobs.

Wages will decline. Globalization and expanded trade have already reduced the annual wages of American workers without a college degree by $1,800 per year. TPP will decrease wages even more.

Inequality will increase. Most workers will be hurt by a trade agreement with the low-wage countries included in TPP and most of the financial benefits will go to large corporations.

It’s anti-democratic. Fast track eliminates the ability for Congress or the public to effectively debate or lobby against the trade deal. Fast track allows the administration to present the trade deal it has negotiated, and forces Congress to vote either yes or no on the deal without any changes.

It gives power to corporations. Fast Track makes it more likely that Congress will be forced to pass a trade agreement that allows corporations to sue governments and influence our laws.

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