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Avoid Procrastination By Learning The Science

There is more to the concept of procrastination than instant gratification that haunts you later on. Scientific research that explains why people have the urge to procrastinate and how a change in mindset can make the urge less tempting.

 Lots of people become victims of procrastination, whether it’s waiting until the last day to complete an entire project, letting your laundry pile up until you’re wearing your last clean pair of underwear, or staying awake watching Netflix until your alarm is scheduled to wake you up in an hour. Procrastination is like an epicly fun night of drinking and dancing. It that feels like the best night ever in the heat of the moment, but you’re guaranteed to wish you’d thought things through a little more when you wake up with a killer headache and a meeting to attend at eight in the morning.

That burst of relief that you get after putting off some dreaded task is actually a result of a chemical release in the brain, reports The Huffington Post. According to AsapSCIENCE, a group dedicated to uncovering fun scientific and practical facts, a boost of dopamine cruises the brain after putting off something that you don’t want to do, modifying neurons and making you more likely to repeat that kind of behavior. This rush of dopamine also provides instant satisfaction, allowing you to ignore the horrid consequences that you know lie ahead.

Although watching a favorite show is obviously much more enjoyable than reading a 50 page textbook chapter, the disadvantages definitely outweigh the advantages. Avoid feelings of anxiety, frustration, and guilt by following the advice below.

“Do not view tasks as something to be overcome, but rather as a task to be experienced or achieved.” - Alena Hall, author at The Huffington Post

“Practice Time-Travelling. Project yourself into the future to imagine the good feelings that accompany completing a task and the bad feelings that you’ll have if you don’t.”- Dr. Timothy A. Pychyl, psychology professor at Carleton University.

I am guilty of procrastination myself and can honestly say that embracing the tips above has really worked to my advantage. Whenever you’re tempted to put something off, stop in your tracks, and just do whatever it is you’re putting off! You will thank yourself later and ultimately have more time to do the things you love doing.

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