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Short texting away my vocab

Lol, C u La8ter, 143 and other short and abbreviated text language is used daily all over the world by people. Many surveys and tests have been conducted to see if sending short messages are better than writing entire words. Most say short texting is fast and easy for the person on the receiving end to understand what is being said.

However, is short texting ruining the way we write?

From time to time I catch myself using a texting term in my English papers. Habits like these are limiting and prevent us from learning larger and more descriptive words. We often shorten the way write in text messages because it takes less time than writing out the entire word. Short text should only be limited to when there is an extreme emergency, because if we continue to do it on the daily basis, we may begin to write this way in formal language.


A formal language is defined by grammar. Is it bad to have texting terms as a part of our formal language? Or, is it good to have it since most people understand it? Many people would love the idea of writing to their professors or bosses using “LOL” or “me and my bff,” but these are not considered to not be grammatically correct.


Although texting terms aren’t considered to be words in the English language, some might argue that they are acronyms. That is, in fact, true, but they could be confused with many other text terms. For example, LOL could mean laugh out loud or lots of love.


In my opinion, I believe that most people do not write out entire words or phrases because they can be cumbersome and hard to pronounce. However, the value of reading, understanding and writing words the traditional way should not be overlooked.



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